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Hire and manage remote employees


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  1. How to connect with your remote working team.
  2. How to create an exceptional performance review.
  3. How to foster a higher employee engagement score.
  4. How to ensure you have the right tools and technology for your remote working team.
  5. How to manage onboarding employees remotely. 
  6. How to create a thriving remote work meeting culture. 
  7. How to manage conflict in remote teams.
  8. How to establish a healthy work-life balance among your teammates. 


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Now put your new skills into practise! Jump right into it and start implementing all the tools and features into your remote work process. During a free 14 days trial, you can try all the necessary tools and features to see for yourself how to implement absence management, time tracking, shout-outs and many more cool features.


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