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Kenjo receives up to five awards from Great Place to Work

Following a diagnosis of the organizational environment, including a global employee questionnaire, Kenjo has obtained a total of five certifications awarded by the Great Place To Work consultancy between 2021 and 2022. In this way, Kenjo has been recognized as the best employer in several categories and as an excellent place to work.


In its evaluation, the jury took into account aspects such as team spirit, employee confidence in the company, appreciation and respect among colleagues. In addition, in the employee survey, staff said they were proud of the work they do and of being part of the company.


To be specific, Kenjo has received awards for Best Employer 2022 in three categories in Germany: SMBs; Information and Communication Technologies and in Berlin-Brandenburg; These awards are in addition to the Great Place to Work 2021-2022 certification already obtained by the company in Germany and Spain, which is the most prestigious national and international award in the field of human resources management. 



Kenjo's award as Best Employer 2022 in Information and Communication TechnologiesKenjo's award as Best Employer 2022 in Information and Communication Technologies


Creating a company that brings added value to employees


“Since we founded Kenjo, one of our goals has been to create a company that makes sense for the people who are part of it and to create a positive work culture. This is in line with the product we have created but also with the actions we carry out internally to generate an environment in which employees feel committed to our values and are satisfied", says David Padilla, CEO and co-founder of Kenjo.


david-padilla-piccc (1)

David Padilla, CEO and co-founder of Kenjo


In this regard, David Padilla highlights the involvement of the HR department and the work done by this area to achieve this. In particular, several of the measures implemented to promote the professional and personal development of employees include the introduction of a training budget and the performance evaluations and work climate surveys that are conducted on a regular basis.


In addition, and in terms of emotional well-being, a series of social benefits have been introduced, such as access to psychological therapy, childcare and support for practicing sports regularly. Kenjo also has a hybrid policy whereby employees can work remotely and in the office.


If you also want to be part of Kenjo, take a look at the vacancies we have available!

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