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Kenjo renews the 'Great Place to Work' recognition in 2022

Kenjo, the all-in-one HR software, has been awarded the Great Place to Work recognition in Germany for the second year in a row. The recognition is a testament to Kenjo's workplace culture, which has cultivated a supportive and diverse working environment. 


To receive the recognition, Great Place to Work (GPTW) independently analysed the  anonymous survey responses of all the team members at Kenjo. The reward is particularly meaningful as the team were asked about their relationships with their work colleagues and the company work culture. 


GPTW highlighted that “this recognition is given, taking into consideration the credibility and commitment of the leadership board members and the respect, trust and team spirit that are key parts of the corporate culture”. 

Bringing a positive change at workplaces


David Padilla, CEO and co-founder of Kenjo said "one of Kenjo´s founding goals was to create a company culture that makes sense to the people who are part of it and offer them an added value". This goes hand-in-hand with Kenjo's HR software that aims to reduce the burden of HR admin tasks so HR managers can focus on improving their organisational environment and the well-being of their employees


Regarding Kenjo's organisational model, Padilla believes that it is essential that  team leaders have the balance between the technical skills to operate and the softer skills to foster a culture of learning and employee development. "We are extremely pleased to receive this recognition, which only encourages us to continue working to improve the working environments in other companies," he adds. 


1. David Padilla, CEO and co-founder, Kenjo (1)

David Padilla, CEO and co-founder of Kenjo



A company with more than five awards 


Kenjo won two Great Place to Work awards in Germany and Spain in 2021 and three other awards for Best Employer 2022 across three categories: SMB’s, ICT and Berlin-Brandenburg. 


All of this reflects the efforts of management and the HR department to create an atmosphere of transparency, active listening and emotional well-being. Among other actions, anonymous work climate surveys and performance evaluations are carried out and a flexible working policy is promoted.


In addition, social benefits such as unlimited free psychological therapy and coaching are also offered to employees, as well as transport allowances, regular sports activities, childcare, health insurance and free training courses. 


If you also want to join Kenjo, take a look at the vacancies we have available!

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