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The top 7 time and attendance software options

Do you track your employees’ hours to satisfy your working time directive requirements? Signing up for an attendance software contract can be an effortless way to ensure you comply with all your legal obligations and, what’s more, obtain valuable information about your employees. 


Employees love the convenience that comes with being able to clock in from anywhere, usually from a mobile app. So everyone wins! 


Read below our pick of the seven best time and attendance apps on the market. 



What is attendance software?


Time and attendance software is a program accessed via a computer, tablet or mobile app that employees can use to easily record the start and finish times of their working day. 


There are plenty of options for companies when it comes to time and attendance systems, but digital software is ideal as it provides all types of company:


  • Access from any device.
  • Simple, quick and convenient record-keeping.
  • Access to additional functions such as holiday and absence management.
  • Report generation and the ability to see data in real time.
  • Savings by paying only for the users you require.


In general, time tracking software is usually paid and the fee will depend on the number of employees in the company.  



What are the best attendance software options?


There are many options on the market currently, so we’ve put together our selection of seven of the best. 





Kenjo is a complete management program for the Human Resources department. Its primary mission is to simplify the team’s day-to-day work, and to do this, it incorporates a dozen functionalities: payroll reporting, attendance, performance review, holiday and absence management, recruitment, digital signature, work environment surveys, organogram, employee portal, reports and analytics, onboarding and workflows. 


The attendance section has a very intuitive interface, which is extremely simple for employees to use. All they need to do is login on the computer or mobile app and enter their hours for each day. They can also scan a QR code on arrival to the office and it is registered automatically.  


For the HR team, meanwhile, it is a very simple tool to track hours. The colour-coded dashboard displays employees who have worked above or below their expected hours, as well as those who have completed their contracted working days as normal. 


Another of Kenjo’s advantages is that, being a cloud-based program, the HR team only needs a device and functioning internet connection to use it. This facilitates access and makes teleworking possible, for example.


The software is available on two rate plans: Premium and Professional. The former costs €5.40 per month per employee, while the latter costs €4.50 per month per employee. The difference between that is that the Professional Plan does not include electronic signature or performance reviews. Both, however, include the attendance function. 


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Workday is a complete software package aimed at large companies with thousands of employees for managing finances, planning and HR. It’s a tool, therefore, that comes in useful for a number of business areas. 


In the case of attendance, it is connected to the whole system of absences, holidays and payroll. So, it is possible to see a complete picture of the data and automate different tasks, thereby improving the department’s productivity.


Another interesting feature is that the employee mobile app works with geolocation, so the user can set up a reminder for whenever they enter or leave the company office. 





BeeBole is a flexible, quick and agile attendance software. It allows users to record their hours on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It’s also compatible with all browsers and mobile devices, so you can connect to it from anywhere. 


It gives the HR team total control over the approval stream, allows them to set budgets and track in real time. In fact, it is possible to create personalised dashboards and download reports on attendance, billable hours, and margins, among other things. 



Employment Hero


The Australia-based company Employment Hero is another provider in the time and attendance software solutions market. Their software covers a number of business areas including recruitment, HR software, payroll and people management.


An interesting feature is the ability to automate most of the payroll decision-making processes with custom rule sets. So, you can input your company’s specific policies on overtime, allowances and others, which are then integrated with the company’s robust time and attendance tools





Connecteam is a time-clock app targeted at the remote workforce, allowing companies to manage their employees from anywhere. 


The mobile app has a simple punch-in, punch-out time mobile app tracking system. It offers companies the options of GPS geo-location stamps, as well as the ability to classify hours according to specific jobs, projects or customers. 


Connecteam is available as a free option with limited functionality, or the basic version has more in-depth reporting at a fixed price for the first 50 employees, giving you the flexibility to grow without being charged more. 



Time Doctor


Time Doctor’s approach aims to use its time and attendance tracking system to improve the productivity of its clients’ workforces. It claims to help companies save an average of $37,000 per year in lost time and challenges its customers to improve their productivity by 22%. 


Moreover, its integrations with project management apps, such as Asana and Trello add an extra layer of simplicity for employee management. 



HR Locker


Lastly, HR Locker, is a time and attendance management system specifically for small and medium- sized enterprises. 


The attendance tracking software works for both on-site and remote employees. As a cloud-based system, real-time reporting feeds directly into the HR Locker dashboard to ensure a smooth, automated process, compliant with all GDPR obligations. 



Comparison table of the best time and attendance software options





Price per employee

Average score on Capterra


German, English, 


  • 4,5€/employee

  • 5,4€/employee

4.5 / 5


More than 10 European languages

  • No information available

4.4 / 5


Spanish, English, 

French, Italian


  • 5,99€/employee

4.6 / 5

Employement Hero


  • £3/employee

  • Excludes core HR package

4.6 / 5


English, Hebrew

  • Free version available with limited functionality

  • Basic plan starts at $39 per month for the first 50 users

4.8 / 5

Time Doctor

English, Arabic, 

Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, Turkish

  • $7, $10, or $20 per user/per month depending on price pan

4.5 / 5

HR Locker


  • Free, €3, €4 or €6 per user/per month depending on price plan

4,5 / 5


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