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The top 5 must-have HR apps

HR apps have become a part of everyday life for professionals in the sector. They are here to stay, and, more importantly, key to continuous improvement in the department: from searching for and engaging new talent, to managing the current workforce effectively. In sum, technology has an increasingly weighty role in talent management. 


So, we decided to put together a guide to the most interesting, complete, or innovative applications. Keep reading to discover our recommendations. 





The Kenjo app, available for iOS and Android, is designed to make life easier for employees through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It therefore includes some of the most frequently used functions by staff, such as attendance recording, absence management and document storage.  


Employee can activate the attendance function from their smartphone and, with a single click, record the start of the working day, their breaks, and the time they finish. They can also enter details manually and see a full history filtered by days and weeks. 


The time off section allows employees to request holidays, personal days, sickness absences and notify managers when they will be working from home. It is also possible to see past and upcoming holidays and absences, as well as track the status of every request. 


In the document section, employees can store their most important records for clear and easy access. For HR managers, being able to send all the necessary information to staff and categorise it according to the content is another competitive advantage. For example: ‘invoices’, ‘certificates’, ‘personal information’, among others. 


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LinkedIn Recruiter


LinkedIn Recruiter is a paid tool that helps you search for, invite, and select candidates for job vacancies. Its functionality encompasses the complete staff recruitment process. 


It is one of the most popular HR applications because, as LinkedIn points out, it offers access to "the largest candidate database in the world." It is possible to connect with more than 700 million professionals on the platform. 


LinkedIn Recruiter’s search tools make it possible to find the perfect candidate among the hundreds of different options out there: targeted searches, recruitment filters, and even Artificial Intelligence is applied to talent selection. As such, 75% of recruiters agree that they achieve better results using this tool.





Another of our favourite HR apps is Truffls; in fact, a while ago we were lucky enough to be able to interview Lisa María, the company’s head of marketing. 


This application puts companies in touch with young professionals. What is the user appeal? An eye-catching interface, fully adapted for mobile use, which allows professionals to connect with businesses extremely easily. Fast, simple, and online. 


Its algorithms work to find the best candidates and make a perfect match. The recruiter can contact them directly via the app’s messaging service and track the recruitment process via the dashboard. 


How does it benefit the company? Truffls’ core user profile. Young professionals with qualifications, actively looking for employment. 


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Hireflix is an innovative solution that promises to save time and streamline candidate hires. How? Through one-way interviews. 


The recruiter simply needs to record themselves asking the interview questions, send them and receive the recordings of the candidate responses. This video has a great explanation of how one-way interviews work on their app. 


You can even program automatic reminders so the interviewee doesn’t forget to respond, and, at the same time, the recruiter can connect Hireflix with Slack to receive a notification whenever a candidate submits their responses. 


The advantages of using this system are that there is no need to coordinate schedules, it is possible to interview more professionals in less time, and the interview recordings can be shared with the rest of the team. 





HireVue is another HR application designed to optimise and facilitate the recruitment process. Not only does it include a one-way interview function, it also assigns an employability score based on the words used by candidates, their facial expressions, and tone of voice, among other aspects.


According to an article published in the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial, HireVue can complete an evaluation in just 30 minutes using twelve questions chosen by the employer. In this time, it obtains up to 500,000 sample data which are then converted into scoring criteria.  


Using this method completely eliminates bias and offers objective metrics recruiters can use to make better decisions for the company. What’s more, according to data posted on the HireVue website, the time-to-hire is reduced by 90%, while diversity increases by 16%.

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