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Lesson 1 - The power of leadership transformation

Alberto Gonzalez
Alberto Gonzalez Otero


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Why purpose? 


So, what's purpose leadership exactly?


Purpose leadership is a different way of leading. It’s a style of leadership that requires clarity about what your purpose is, and what impact you are making on the world around you. This purpose needs to be at the core of everything you do as a business or a leader. 


Also, it needs to be clear to every single stakeholder, your investors, employees, customers, prospects, providers, and basically, the world.


“Why purpose?” you might ask. The way I see it, purpose is the secret ingredient, often a hidden superpower that provides clarity, alignment and ignites the passion for achieving remarkable and sustainable results. It is also a fact that purpose-driven organisations are more profitable than businesses with traditional leadership styles. 


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Who should lead the change?


“Ok I get it, but who needs to lead that change?” I hear you ask. Should it be the CEO? The leadership team? How can HR lead that transformation? 


Let me ask you: Do you remember what the first word in "HR"  stands for? That’s right: Human


It makes total sense that a department which focuses on humans can lead business transformation. If not, who else would lead it: the finance department? Better not. 


Unfortunately, some companies haven’t identified their purpose and they are too busy trying to grow, make profit, get more investment rounds and make investors happy. HR often ends up being a purely administrative department to manage the payroll, contracts and time off for its employees. 


Don't get me wrong, all that is important stuff, but is that the reason why HR professionals wanted to work there in the first place? Probably not.


Most people wanted to work in HR because they wanted to help people and because they cared about that "H." They have a desire to help humans succeed and be happier.


Don't worry, I’ll talk more about that later in my 3rd email, and give you some inspiration about how HR can be that leader within the organisation.





Assessment: where are you now?



But first, let's have a look at an assessment of where your company is at right now, so you can identify exactly what your team needs.


Whether there aren't many secrets left for you to discover about purpose leadership or not, it's always a good idea to know what you are doing and more importantly, why you are doing it. You can change that culture one step at a time. Intention and attitude are key, and if you have these attributes, you can do it. Hopefully, this course will help you to get that transformation done.


Just do the quiz and find answers to important questions such as


1. Do you have a clear purpose statement for your organisation?

2. Would you describe the leadership in your organisation as egalitarian or hierarchical?

3. As an HR department, which initiatives do you currently have in place?

4. Do you have a clear understanding of why people come to work for you every morning?

5. Most people from my organisation with personal issues come to HR for help.

6. I believe that the main driver of my organisation is:

7. Our managers spend most of their time...


And many more! Just try it out to assess where you stand!





What’s coming next?



In tomorrow’s lecture, you’ll discover the importance of passion and purpose. You’ll learn about:

  • The effects purpose-driven work has on employee and customer experience.
  • Different ways of driving your business.
  • The influence of working to make an impact.


To learn more about Kenjo’s solution to increase employee satisfaction, click here. Grab a demo from Kenjo. We’d love to chat. No hard sell, no sales pitch. We’ll just show you around, and you’ll be armed with more info than when you started. 👇👇


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