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10 signs that you need an HR management software

Is your HR department getting out of hand? Is your payroll only a huge collection of notes and papers? Are you unsure which of your colleagues is on vacation and how many employees there are in total? If any of these questions apply to your HR department, then there are increasing signs that you need an HR software. In this article, we’ll explain what other signs you need to look out for and what you can do to digitalise and optimize your human resources department.

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What is an HR software?


A human resource software (HR software) is a digital application for performing tasks and processes in human resources. It integrates and links various areas of your HR management, such as recruiting, onboarding, shift planning, payroll and attendance. The software helps to save time by automating tasks that were previously performed manually and generating reports based on the data provided. It can help increase workplace productivity and increase employee satisfaction and retention.


Find out below what else an HR software can do for you and why you, as a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), need an HR software.


What are the signs that you need an HR management software?


As soon as the manual processes of your HR department cost you more time and money than an HR software would, it's time to switch to a digital solution. What exactly are the signs that you need HR management software? 

1. Your HR department is overloaded



  • Rapid growth in a company leads to more responsibility and tasks for the HR department and it is often difficult for the team to cope with it. This causes stress among employees and they become unproductive.


  • By investing in a human resource management software, you can automate processes to save more time, reduce employee workload, and increase productivity. Kenjo is a comprehensive HR software that helps companies automate and simplify their HR processes. When your HR department is overloaded, Kenjo can help by automating routine tasks like onboarding new employees, creating employment contracts, or managing time off.

    This relieves your HR department which can then concentrate on important tasks such as personnel development or employee retention. Kenjo also offers a self-service platform for employees to manage their personal information independently. This reduces inquiries to the HR department and increases efficiency. Overall, Kenjo can help reduce the amount of work and workload in your HR department, thereby increasing the effectiveness and productivity of your business.


2. Your company's turnover rate is high



  • HR processes can be complicated and time-consuming, leading to an unhappy workforce and high turnover rates. Not just in HR, but throughout the entire company. In addition, high turnover rates are not only a financial burden, but also lead to talent leaving the company and the quality of the work or product declining.


  • Investing in an HR software can help improve the employee experience by pinpointing and resolving issues. If you have problems with high turnover rate in your company, Kenjo can help you to solve this problem. Kenjo is a modern HR software that specializes in optimizing the HR departments. By using our software, you have access to  a centralized platform that allows you to manage your employees quickly and efficiently. The software offers various functions such as onboarding, employee development and payroll accounting. These features allow you to ensure that your employees are well looked after and motivated, which in turn can lead to a reduction in the turnover rate. In addition, Kenjo can also help you to strengthen employee loyalty by using feedback and communication tools to create a better working environment.


3. You still create reports manually



  • If your company collects data and still manually creates reports, you waste a lot of time. Manually collecting data in HR can be problematic as it is error-prone and time-consuming. There is also the possibility that important information is lost or misinterpreted.


  • With the help of a HR management software, these processes can be automated and digitized so that you and your team have more time for other tasks. Kenjo can help you solve the problem of manual reporting by offering an automated reporting feature. Kenjo automatically generates reports with the data that you enter. The data is automatically formatted and converted into a report that looks professional and is easy to read. This saves time and minimizes the possibility of human error. In the reports section of Kenjo app, you also have the option of creating HR and Recruiting related evaluations.


4. You are not able to find needed data in time or retrieve it in real time


  • Manually recording data on paper can create confusion when it comes to locating old records. Failure to find needed data in a timely manner can result in delays in hiring new employees or laying off employees. In addition, irregularities may occur in payroll or in the administration of vacation entitlements, which can lead to dissatisfaction among employees and possible legal issues.


  • Purchasing an HR management software can help you access stored data at any time, as all data is stored in one central application - location-independent and GDPR-compliant. Otherwise, not being able to find needed data in time can be very frustrating. This can waste time and hamper productivity. Kenjo can help you solve this problem as we offer an easy-to-use HR management platform that allows you to store all relevant information in one place and access it quickly. For example, with Kenjo you can easily retrieve all employee data, vacation requests, training records and other important information. You can also use Kenjo's search function to quickly find specific data. This saves you time and allows you to focus on more important tasks.


5. The number of human errors is increasing



  • Manually collecting and updating data can lead to human errors such as duplication and inaccurate data, hampering HR team productivity.


  • Investing in HR software reduces the risk of human error, as all data is stored in one place and accessible to the appropriate staff, if you are increasingly struggling with human error in your HR system. This can lead to frustration and ineffective operations that can cost time and money. Kenjo can help you solve this problem by offering an HR software that focuses on automation and digitization.

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    With Kenjo, you can automate processes like employee onboarding, vacation management, and payroll, reducing the chance of human error. The software is also very user-friendly, offering you an intuitive interface that allows you to easily and efficiently manage your HR processes. With Kenjo you can ensure that your HR department has fewer errors and can therefore work more effectively and productively.


6. Your company is struggling with payroll errors



  • Payroll errors are a human error and result from the manual processing of large numbers of documents. These errors can hurt your business as they can increase employee dissatisfaction and turnover rates.


  • As mentioned before, this problem can be solved by investing in an HR software that stores the data in one place and makes it available to the responsible employees so that they can work smoothly. If you are currently struggling with payroll issues, Kenjo can help you with this by offering automated payroll software that ensures all payroll payments are processed correctly and on time. Our software also takes into account various legal requirements and minimizes errors that can occur with manual payroll processing. With Kenjo, you can rest assured that your company will not experience any more payroll errors and that your employees will be paid correctly and on time.


7. You don't analyze internal data



  • Internal data related to your employees and their behavior is analyzed to reveal important information such as employee engagement, turnover rate, employee performance and various other trends. This information can help employers make informed decisions for the well-being of employees and the company, and to address employee issues. By not collecting and analyzing this data, you are essentially “blind” to how healthy your hiring strategy, employee satisfaction and company in general is. 


  • Investing in an HR software gives you access to data that would otherwise take a lot of effort and time to collect manually. Kenjo can help you collect and analyze the data in your organization to give you a better understanding of your business processes and outcomes. With a combination of user-friendly dashboards and reports, you can easily access the data and better understand your business's performance. Kenjo can also help you identify trends in your data to identify and respond to potential problems or opportunities. So you can make faster, more informed decisions and run your business successfully.


8. You can't keep up with changing regulations



  • If you're struggling to keep up with changing compliance regulations, investing in a human resource management software may be in your favour. Failure to comply with regulations doesn't just damage your company's reputation, but can also result in the company being confronted with penalties and legal actions.


  • Kenjo can help you keep up with ever-changing HR regulations. Kenjo is a cloud-based HR platform specifically designed to help companies automate and streamline their HR processes. The platform is familiar with the latest HR regulations and legal requirements and updates itself automatically to ensure you are always up to date. Kenjo can help you save time, increase efficiency and ensure compliance so you can focus on what matters most: your business.


9. Your data is not safe



  • When personal data is not secure in HR administration, it can lead to data breaches that can have serious consequences for both the company and its employees. In addition, a loss of data or unauthorized access to sensitive information will affect employees' trust in HR. Contrary to popular belief, storing data in a cloud software is safer than keeping it in paper form in one place.


  • Using an HR software to store data can help ensure data is accessible to the right people without compromising security. Kenjo can help you with that! We offer an advanced HR software to meet the highest security standards and keep your data safe and secure. Our platform has multiple layers of security and a robust authentication system that ensures only authorized individuals can access the data. We take the security of your data very seriously and do everything we can to protect it from unauthorized access. With Kenjo you can be sure that your data is in good hands.


10. You are lagging behind with digitalisation



  • The digitization of our society is making great strides. Not only in the private sector, but of course also in business. If you are currently not keeping up with this pace, it is about time that you deal with this topic.


  • An HR software can not only digitize the HR department, but can extend this process to the entire company. Digitize your human resources today and benefit from the radiance of an digital HR software. Kenjo can help the customer to catch up on the digitization backlog. To do this, the company can draw on its extensive expertise in the field of digital transformation and offer the customer solutions that are a perfect fit.

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    Kenjo can help the customer digitize its business processes, for example, by relying on cloud solutions to facilitate collaboration, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Kenjo can also help the customer adopt modern tools and technologies to improve the customer experience and streamline communications. In this way, the customer can quickly and successfully jump on the digitalization bandwagon and hold its own in the competitive environment.

Why do you need HR software?


Investing in human resource management software can be beneficial for an employer or a company because it can help reduce workload, lower turnover rate, back up data, analyze data, generate employee reports,ensure regulatory compliance, as well as reducing long term costs


More efficient and secure than manually completing tasks and storing data on paper, the software helps simplify HR workflows so they can focus on important tasks that help achieve your organization's goals.


Here is an overview of why you need an HR software:


  1. Simplified management of employee data
  2. Automated workflows for onboarding and offboarding
  3. Easier access to information for employees and HR department
  4. Effective management of vacation, absences and working hours
  5. Better monitoring and control of personnel files and documents
  6. Faster generation of reports and analysis for management
  7. Improved communication between HR department and employees
  8. Compliance with data protection regulations and legal requirements
  9. Ability to integrate with other systems such as payroll and accounting
  10. Greater efficiency and productivity in the HR department


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